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PowerColor, Sapphire launch OCed HD 5870s

by on16 November 2009


Just a slight overclock

and PowerColor will be among the first AIBs to launch factory overclocked versions of AMD's Radeon HD 5870, but if you were hoping for a massive overclock, you might be a bit disappointed.

PowerColor's AX5870 1GBD5-WMDH is clocked at 875MHz and 1250MHz for the core an memory respectively, while Sapphire's Vapor-X Radeon HD 5870 ends up at 870MHz and 1250MHz. Basically we're looking at a slight overclock, just 20MHz to 25MHz for the core and 50MHz on the memory side.

However, there is a catch. Powercolor's AX5870 features a waterblock, while the Sapphire sticks to Vapor-X air cooling. Obviously, both cards should offer quite a bit of overclocking headroom but superior cooling comes at a price, a rather high one.

Both cards are currently listed at around €450, which doesn't sound like a very good deal considering the dual-gpu HD 5970 is expected to sell for €499.
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