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Nvidia CEO admits company underestimated demand

by on11 November 2009


Demand spiked up quickly

to reporters in Bangalore, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang admitted that the company was facing supply issues.

"We have supply constraints across board," said Huang. "The reason for that is demand just spiked up very, very quickly and we are seeing robust demand across the board."

This is in line with what we've been hearing from industry insiders over the past several weeks, and Huang mentioned supply issues in Nvidia's conference call last week as well.

Basically, both Nvidia and ATI underestimated demand in Q4, selling much of their stock planned for Q4 in late Q3. While this might sound a bit boring and insignificant for the average user, it means that it won't be easy to get high-end and performance cards until early 2010.

Although you might blame Nvidia and ATI for the cock up, it must be noted that analysts and investors were also surprised by the upsurge in semi demand.

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