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AMD partners delay shipment schedules

by on06 November 2009


GPUs in short supply

It is
lonely at the top, and with few competitive products from Nvidia, AMD seems to have let its guard down. Digitimes claims several PC vendors to delay their shipment schedules for products based around ATI chips.

As we already said on several occasions, both ATI and Nvidia seem to have underestimated demand several weeks or months back and failed to order enough TSMC silicon on time. While Nvidia partners are struggling to cope with a shortage of GT200 series chips, demand for ATI Evergreen chips has outpaced supply.

Interestingly, AMD has reportedly delayed shipments of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series to Q1 2010. They were supposed to appear in the current quarter, but sadly we will have to wait for mobile DirectX 11 for an extra couple of months.

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