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Fermi lifelike rendered images spotted

by on30 October 2009


Ray-tracing included

You have
to love the Peoples Republic of China for all the leaks that it provides. This time, the good chaps from Pczilla have leaked some "lifelike" images that have supposedly been rendered on Fermi.

We have no idea if these are pre-renders of real-time generated pictures, but the human face rendering is definitely a multilayer rendered image with a thus far unseen level of detail. The beard looks great and you can even see the fat on the face that creates a much more realistic image.

The third image is a ray-traced demo that looks impressive and despite the fact that an average Bob might not see it, the lightning on the screen looks great. You can easily see multiple light sources scattered throughout the scene, including several point light sources and an area light source with different light temperatures.

The shadows, reflections and highlights look highly realistic, and you basically get that soft, fuzzy global illumination look of off-line rendering. It might take a few years before we get such realism in games, but we're obviously getting there.

The images can be found here.

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