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AMD believes Nvidia is no longer focusing on gaming

by on30 October 2009


Going after more dull forms of computing

In a chat
with Hexus, AMD's Senior Manager of Developer Relations, Richard Huddy said that Nvidia is apparently abandoning the gaming market to some extent.

Huddy compared Nvidia's and AMD's strategy, saying: "it appears NVIDIA is in a kind of sneering mode towards game players at the moment," adding that it was possible to diversify without abandoning gaming. He went on to say that gamers are good people and "well rounded individuals." We're not sure whether he was referring to their physique or character.

Huddy did not deny the computing potential of GPUs, but pointed out that AMD CPUs have present in the supercomputer market for a long time. He said that Nvidia was "selling pure compute" and shouldn't be going around, telling people how to use it.

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