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Qualcomm releases now modem chipset

by on27 March 2007


9.3 Mbps over 5 MHz


    Qualcomm has released a modem chipset for its EV-DO ev. B product which it claims can handle average datarates of 9.3 Mbps on the downlink over 5 MHz of spectrum.The Qualcomm Mobile Station Modem MSM7850 chipset, is he first device announced for the high speed wirelesstechnology, the firm claimed.

It thinks that it will open the way for mobile TV and streaming music with simultaneous voice calling.Mobile phone users can make VoIP calls while browsing the Internet or transmitting multimedia, the company aidThe company said that the evolution of CDMA networks rom EV-DO Rev. A to EV-DO Rev. B allowed network perators improve their performance and servicewithout having to make infrastructure hardwarechanges.

The MSM7850 is backward compatible with earlier EV-DOtechnologies with software upgrades.
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