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Brother print heads should be recalled

by on04 September 2007


Error 41


The print heads on Brother inkjet printers should have been recalled years ago according to a technician who spoke to the New Zealand Press.

A Google search on "Brother Error 41" is devoted to the world wide problem and how Brother is handling it. "Error 41" is the message that pops up on the printer's screen when there is a failure of the print head.

The unnamed technician said that the public should be warned as he was sick of hearing disgruntled customers complain of "error 41".

Brother inkjet printers were the least reliable of the five brands in its survey, including Hewlett Packard (HP), Canon and Epson.More than 10 per cent of Brothers had to be repaired.

Michael Smith, marketing manager for Brother International (NZ), admited that the rate of "error 41" was unacceptably high in a series of machines launched five years ago.

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