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HD 4870 now available for ?149 in Euroland

by on09 March 2009


GTS 250 still slightly cheaper

Nvidia's GTS 250 rebrand, ATI has slightly adjusted HD 4870 prices to make the green team's life a bit harder.

At the moment you can get an HD 4870 for €149. The card comes from Sapphire and features a non-refernce heatpipe cooler. For €10 more you can get a 775MHz Gainward with a non-reference dual-fan cooler, or Powercolor's PCS edition card at 780MHz.

The cheapest GTS 250 comes from Palit, it's a reference design and costs €149.

ATI has not cut prices of other RV770 based cards, and the HD 4850 and HD 4830 still sell for €120 and €84 respectively.
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