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Fudzilla Celebrates 6-month Anniversary

by on01 September 2007


Half Birthday: Thanks for sticking around

Six months ago we brought online, just weeks after starting, our south east European portal. Many didn’t believe that we would stick around for six months but we proved them wrong.

We attracted 15.5 million impressions from 2.8 million readers world wide, and we would like to thank you all for taking the time to check out our content.

In the meantime Fudzilla has hired Lars Goran Nilsson to take care of Taiwan, an IT veteran who worked for both Trusted reviews and Reghardware, and David Stellmack, a former Tom's Hardware Guide editor, who is now responsible for covering the news in North America.

There will be one more surprise in September as we have also hired a fomer Add-In Board (AIB) chap, but you will learn about this soon enough.

Fudzilla could not be done without Sanjin and Eliot, who are responsible for the lab in Vienna and most of the reviews; Nermin, Slobodan and Nedim, the guys that helped the site out from Bosnia; and people behind the scenes who made the site and are responsible for the server, such as Enis (aka "the Bro"), Ada (aka "Crow") and Bono, our server guy.

We also have to thank all the early birds who do the advertising with us, including Gainward, OCZ, Power Color, MSI, Sapphire and Zotac. We also want to thank the people who will be starting with us in the near future. We also thank our sources, and, of course, all of the companies that supported us with news and samples during the last six months.

One more time, a big thank you to you, our readers: you are the reason we are here.

Last modified on 03 September 2007
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