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Geforce GTX 295 Quad-SLI hits over 32K in 3DMark Vantage

by on24 December 2008


On Core i7 at 3.60GHz

The guys
over at XFastest have managed to give the enthusiast world a welcome preview of Nvidia Geforce GTX 295 Quad-SLI performance on the Core i7 / X58 platform. As stated before, these cards are clocked at a 576MHz core, 1242MHz shaders, and consist of 240 x 2 stream processors with 896MB x 2 of GDDR3 memory clocked at 1998MHz.

Many people tend to believe this card is the equivalent of two GTX 260 Core 216s joined together.  In reality, however, because this card is composed of the Shader count on a GTX 280 but the clock speeds of a GTX 260 Core 216, it is more reasonable to assume that it is essentially the brainchild of two hypothetical "GTX 270s" coupled together. As we already said on numerous occasions, 55nm GT200b cards will not be rebranded. Nvidia will stick with the GTX260 designation, as it has a lot of 65nm parts in stock and rebranding the new 55nm card would have a negative impact on 65nm GTX260 sales.

With 3DMark Vantage giving scores of over 32,500 points with Geforce beta drivers in Vista on the Core i7 965 Extreme at just 3.60GHz, the future definitely looks promising for this card and we are ambitious to see final reviews on January 8th when it hits the retail market.
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