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Amazon pushes new DVD technology

by on30 August 2007


Deals on both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD


Amazon has become a battleground for the second generation DVD wars as both camps cut deals with customers.

Blu-ray is currently offering five free movies with the purchase of any player. Toshiba and Microsoft are also offering a similar deal for the purchase of an HD DVD player, including the Xbox 360 add-on drive.

In addition Amazon is offering even more free movies with the purchase of a high-definition player.

Anyone buying a Toshiba HD DVD player or a PlayStation 3 may choose an additional three movies. This would give people five-free-movies offers for a total of eight free movies with the purchase of a new player.

Xbox 360 owners who buy the HD DVD drive will receive two free movies from, which when accounting for the free King Kong movie included by Microsoft and the current five-free-movies promotion. This gives customers eight free movies.

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