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PowerColor's in-house HD 4870 pictured

by on14 August 2008


Total redesign

Expreview has scored one of PowerColor's in-house designed Radeon HD 4870 cards and it looks like the company has done a lot of changes to the card. Not only have they added a massive cooler with dual heatpipes, but the power regulation has also been redesigned.

PowerColor has gone for a four plus two phase digital PWM design which should allow for better stability and higher overclocks. They've also added a metal bar to the top of the card, something we haven't seen for a while, but it's meant to prevent the PCB from warping due to the heavy cooler and heat from the GPU.

The new cooler looks familiar, but we're not sure who makes it. It's still a dual-slot design and the only downside would that unlike its upcoming Radeon HD 4850 card, PowerColor didn't add HDMI or DisplayPort to the 4870.

You can find the pictures here
Last modified on 15 August 2008
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