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Gainward 9800 GT with 1024MB of memory

by on05 August 2008


Preview: An old card with a new name, but it's still good

Gainward has some new cards in the house, and this time we are faced with a 1024MB heavy Geforce 9800 GT.

Nvidia introduced this card on June 29th, and like all other partners, Gainward took a chance to earn some money selling rebranded 8800 GT cards. But the Gainward 9800 GT is not just a plain reference card. It comes with an in-house cooling system and an overclocked GPU. The GPU clock is 650+ MHz, which means it is meant to be overclocked even further. The same goes for the memory, 950+ MHz and the shader clock is 1625+MHz. For easy overclocking you can use Gainward's ExpertTool.

The card will take up two slots, but thanks to its big cooler, Golden Sample 9800 GT, it is very quiet.


As expected, Vantage score showed us that this card has the same performance level as an overclocked 8800 GT. Not bad, and with the right price Gainward Gold Sample could be a very hot item for the back to school shopping frenzy.


Stay tuned for more.

Last modified on 15 August 2008
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