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Sparkle going for 15 9500GT cards

by on28 July 2008


Did you think 10 9800GTs was a lot?

Well, considering that we at first thought Sparkle was going overboard with 10 9800GTs, we got caught a bit off guard by the fact that they’ll launch no less than 15 different 9500GT models.

This time there will be slightly bigger differences between the cards, as there’s both DDR2 and GDDR3 models in the line-up and there are several differently clocked models.

So, let’s start with the model names which are, SF-PX95GT512U2-HP, SF-PX95GT512U2-HP Passive, SF-PX95GT512U2-HP Passive Plus, SF-PX95GT512U2-HP Plus, SF-PX95GT1024U2-HP, SF-PX95GT1024U2-HP Passive, SF-PX95GT1024U2-HM Passive, SF-PX95GT512U2-HM, SF-PX95GT512U2-HM Passive, SF-PX95GT512U2-HM Passive Plus, SF-PX95GT512U2-HM Plus, SF-PX95GT1024U2-HM, SF-PX95GT256D3-HP, SF-PX95GT256D3-HP Passive, SF-PX95GT256D3-HM and SF-PX95GT256D3-HM Passive. (Do you really think people will read this? sub.ed.)

The difference between the various model names here is that the HP models have TV-out, a D-sub and a DVI port with HDCP support, while the HM models comes with an HDMI dongle and S/PDIF in. We’re not sure what type of heatsink the passive models will use, but it’s most likely not a heatpipe solution.

All models are clocked at 550MHz for the core, but after that it gets a little bit complicated. All the DDR2 models have their Shaders clocked at 1,350MHz, while the last three models which feature GDDR3 memory have their Shaders clocked at 1,400MHz. The GDDR3 models have their memory clocked at 1,600MHz, while the cards with the word 'plus' in the model name come with 1,000MHz DDR2 memory and the rest are clocked at 800MHz.

Again, we’d expect these cards to launch as soon as Nvidia is ready to launch the 9500GT GPU.
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