Buys Hyperspace for $12 million

Internet had a near miss
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30 September 2022

Internet had a near miss

Authoritarian countries nearly kept control

The world wide wibble had a near miss when the United Nations agency that sets global standards for telecoms and tech infrastructure voted for a US official instead of a Russian.

Aussies come up with new form of quantum computer
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Who needs dead cats when you have a lot of sheep?

Aussie boffins, squatting in the outback, have come up with a new form of quantum computer which does not involve cats and will be dramatically easier and cheaper to produce.

Microsoft pulls October 10 update
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Bugs ate user files

Software King of the world Microsoft has had to pull and pause its October 10 release of Windows 10 after bugs within the software started munching users' files. 

Google still playing rivals wrong
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Axel Springer calls for EU intervention

Axel Springer's price-comparison shopping service Idealo and 40 other European peers have accused Google of tilting the playing field in its favour and urged EU antitrust regulators to enforce a ruling against the company.