Thursday, 09 June 2011 12:23

Acer rolls out Sandy Bridge notebooks


Timeline flies

Q3 to Q4 2011 launch

With turbo to 2.9GHz

G850, G840 and G620

No USB 3.0
Monday, 09 May 2011 12:02

Intel Sandy Bridge put to the test

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Intel's new generation sees the light

Six cores, 3.3GHz clock
Friday, 22 April 2011 13:43

Intel's Z68 comes on May 11th


The "new LGA 1155 chipset"
Wednesday, 20 April 2011 10:56

Sandy Bridge E specs tip up online

Intel’s new flagship coming in Q4
Monday, 11 April 2011 11:18

Intel Z68 chipset to launch May 8

Commemorating VE Day