Nest adds two-factor authentication to its smart thermostats
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Prevents unapproved logins in event of account compromise

Palo Alto-based startup Nest Labs, which introduced its first Nest Learning Thermostat in 2011 along with a range of other home automation devices, prior to being acquired by Google, has just announced that it is introducing two-factor authentication for additional security to prevent customer security footage from getting stolen by thieves.

3rd Generation Thermostat Launched
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Tuesday, 01 September 2015 19:08

3rd Generation Thermostat Launched

Slightly better

First there was the Nest intelligent thermostat. Then there was Nest intelligent 2nd generation thermostat. You guessed it, Nest launched an improved 3rd generation intelligent thermostat and it costs just $249.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 12:35

Google takes control of your thermostat

We know how warm you like it