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Cooler Master V700 reviewed

by on23 September 2013


The V700 measures 150 x 86 x 170 mm and it will fit in all regular cases. It weighs about 1.9kg. Since it’s a modular design we can say that the V700 is very compact for its class. The modular approach also allows users only to use the cables they actually need, keeping the chassis uncluttered.

As far as the exterior goes, we should commend the quality of the black finish and the rigidity of the metal chassis, which is 0.9mm thicks. The metal skin of the V700 features a nice matte black finish and won't catch dust and prints. It looks and feels like a quality product.

intro 2

All the cable connectors are properly laid out and marked, so even less experienced users should have no trouble with setting it up. The spec sticker is on top and it features the 80 PLUS certificate. The V700 also features a +12V singel rail that can take up to 58 amps.

spec 1

Another eye pleasing feature is the aluminium-look mesh used on the bottom of the unit, which looks quite nice but you won’t get to see much of it once it is installed.

v fan on off
The 135mm comes from Protechnic. Its designation is MGA13512XF-025 and it utilizes a 2-pin connector.
v fan 1
The ON/OFF switch feels very robust and it has a telltale click.

A look inside the V700 reveals some high quality components and that should be appreciated by any enthusiasts. It is easy to see that the interior resembles the Seasonic KM3, which is a good thing since Seasonic is synonymous with high quality PSUs and we’re glad to see their components inside Cooler Master’s latest PSU.

v inside 1

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