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Blu-ray hiting hard

by on24 April 2007

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HD DVD losing the battle

Figures that are proving Blu-rays supremacy over HD DVD have surfaced at least according to Home Media Magazine. If the figures are true, seems like the Q1 2007 was a complete victory for Blu-ray.

One won battle doesn't mean the war is over, but according to Home Media Magazine, it is estimated that 7.5 out of 10 HD titles sold this march were on Blu-ray. Now, at first glance this may look as a complete disaster for HD DVD, but as always these numbers are hiding something.  

Playstation 3 has helped blu-ray to catch up with  HD DVD. When you add the sold Playstations to the number of sold stand alone blu-ray players, and compare the figures to HD DVD players you'd get a five to one ratio. Blu-ray titles are not outselling HD DVD at a five to one ratio as the hardware is, but the rising figures from the beginning of this year may indicate that blu-ray could reach this ratio.

The next quarter will definitely show us will blu-ray keep these results or will HD DVD fight back.


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