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Gainward GTX 780 Ti Phantom reviewed

by on06 December 2013


The Gainward GTX 780 Ti Phantom works at a 980MHz base clock, while the reference GPU base clock is set at 876MHz. Nvidia's GPU Boost 2.0 takes the average GPU clock to 900MHz for the reference GPU and to 1046MHz for the Phantom card. The overclocking potential is good considering that this is a factory overclocked card. Using standard voltage and AUTO fan settings we managed to push the GPU 80MHz over the factory clocks. Memory overclocking is vital in any attempt to squeeze out more performance from a graphics card, so we are happy to report that memory also produced good results with a total 200MHz (effective 800MHz) overclock.

res mark extreme oc

res sld 2560 oc

With the launch of GTX 780 Ti Phantom, Gainward also released a new version of its ExperTool. ExperTool allows users to overclock Kepler based graphics, displaying sensor readouts, export BIOS settings, or perform simple fan RPM control. It looks much better than previous versions as well.

Clicking the Overclock G button opens up a new window, where users are free to set their OC parameters. Gainward also included the "EXPERTMode" feature for overclocking which provides some additional ways for tricking the new GTX 780 Ti Phantom. Adjusting GPU voltage is one of them.

EXPERTMode helped us gain 40MHz for a combined overclock of 120MHz, or 244MHz higher than the reference GTX 780 Ti clock of 876MHz. What’s more, we did not spend much time tinkering with the settings and we believe that it can go even faster.

Info key reveals some important information about the card.

Status Monitor is a welcome addition to any tool.


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