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How €35 8GB memory speeds up AMD's A10 5800K

by on21 November 2012


Vengeance LP Blue 8GB kit launched more than a year ago at €50, but can now be found at €35. We're talking about memory that is tested and known to work at 800MHz (1600 MT/s), as well as overclockable to 933MHz (1866 MT/s).

Low profile, i.e. standard heatsink, is another plus for this kit because it enables placing the memory underneath low CPU coolers, which are mostly found in HTPC systems.

This kit can be very interesting for AMD APU owners. Today we showed that memory clock plays a significant role when it comes to IGP performance. Of course, passionate gamers will still rely on dedicated graphics cards. However, if occasional gaming is all you do, then AMD's APUs may very well be all you need. If we lower image quality settings in games, depending on the game and resolution, we can end up with playable frame rate.

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Last modified on 21 November 2012
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