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Sony’s stylish Xperia P put to the test

by on19 August 2012



The Xperia P is a mixed bag and it’s really not an ideal phone for everyone. Consumers who insist on a fast processor and huge screen might want to look elsewhere. The Xperia P lacks muscle and battery life is unimpressive, so it's really not going after power users.

However, this does not mean that it's a bad phone, far from it. What it lacks in sheer performance and bench figures, the Xperia P makes up in other departments. Basically if you think that good looks and a top notch camera are more important, then the Xperia P starts to make sense, a lot of sense. It features a great screen tucked away under an aluminium body, 16 gigs of storage and it has what it takes to unnerve the competition.


In this case, beauty is not just skin deep and overall the Xperia P is nice package, although it could have been a lot better with a slighly bigger battery and a higher clocked processor. 

It sells for €320 to €350 in Euroland, which sounds like a fair deal if you hate plasticky phones. The only trouble is that the Xperia S can be yours for just a bit more, and so can the Galaxy Nexus.

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Last modified on 19 August 2012
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