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XFX HD 5870 Black Edition tested

by on22 May 2010



Unigine: Heaven

In tessellation tests, XFX’s Black Edition once again outruns the reference HD 5870 by up to 5%.

Nvidia made the GTX 480 with serious tessellation potential in mind, and the results confirm that. The level of tessellation can be regulated in Heaven engine and we see that the difference between the GTX 480 and HD 5870 rises after setting the tessellation level at Extreme. It’s well worth noting that Gainward GTX 480 manages a playable framerate at 1920x1200 with maximum tessellation. 

At Extreme tessellation settings, Point of View’s GTX 470 outpaces the HD 5870 by about 27%. The GTX 470 scores 710 on the test while the HD 5870 scores 557.  



Last modified on 20 June 2010
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