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Club3D HD 5870 Overclocked Edition tested

by on12 May 2010


In Vantage benchmarks, Gainward GTX 480 wins hands down. The advantage melts from 10.5% in Performance to 6.2% in High and ends up at about 3% in Vantage Extreme, but it still manages to beat the HD 5870 in every single test, albeit with a rather tight margin. Club3D HD 5870 OC Edition couldn’t beat the GTX 480, but it does get dangerously close at Extreme settings. The same test reports about 2% better results than reference HD 5870, which turns into a trend throughout our test but the HD 5870 gets very close at Extreme settings. This will, as you’ll see for yourself, carry on in throughout our gaming tests. 


Last modified on 12 May 2010
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