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Nokia N73 ONE black Music edition

by on29 April 2007



Good pictures and even better tunes

Sample provided by: Multimedia shop, Vienna

The N73 can be described in just a few words. It's a multimedia phone with an excellent 3.2 Mpix camera, good video mode and a great MP3 player. Oh yes, you can also use it to make phone calls with. 


The phone itself, or the multimedia computer as Nokia likes to call it, comes with a 2 GB mini SD memory card, which should make it an excellent choice for music lovers. The sleek black body looks sexy and is very well made. The high quality screen is large and the keys are big enough for anyone's fingertips.


The N73 is powered by an OMAP 1710 220 MHz processor, which we have seen earlier in the Nokia E61 business phone.

What's in the box:

  • Nokia N73 Music edition black
    Nokia BP-6M (1100 mAh) battery
    Nokia Connectivity cable CA-53 (USB)
    Nokia AC-4 charger
    Nokia NS-23 charger adapter
    Nokia HS-23 classic stereo headset
    Nokia AC-4 Stereo stereo headset
    2GB miniSD memory card
    Wrist strap
    CD-ROM with Nokia PC Suite & Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition software


The phone comes with a 2 GB card, headphones, a corded remote control and a USB cable. The USB cable comes in handy, as with this phone you will probably connect it to your PC quite often to transfer images and music files. It has Bluetooth, but it's just too slow for high volumes of data, such as music and high resolution images. It measures 110x49x19 mm (HxWxD), which is quite reasonable for what's on offer, but it's not a tiny handset. The 2.4 in, 262k color display dominates the face of the phone and it manages QVGA resolution (320x240 pixels) . I guess we'll soon be looking at PC resolutions from a few years back on our mobiles.


Many of the important function keys are oddly placed on the sides of the keypad. On the left hand side we find the Menu key which takes us to the standard Symbian OS interface. Everything is simple and navigation is elegant, if you've had the chance to use newer Nokia models, you should be able to find your way around in no time. The key with the pencil symbol, controls the T9 predictive text input feature. You can reach the address book, calendar, camera and SMS menus by moving the central navi key in different directions. The N73 supports quad band GSM and dual mode 3G, and you can use dual mode 3G with 2.5G at the same time, although this does of course increase the battery consumption. 


The Music Player and C (clear) buttons are placed on the right hand side. The MP3 player can alsobe used without the headphones, as the internal speakers work well and they're pretty loud compared to most other phones. Using some rough math we can estimate that 2 GB is enough for around 30 hours of MP3 music at 128 kbps. This should be enough for most users.

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Last modified on 29 April 2007
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