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Production parts only go up to 4.4GHz

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TIM paste instead of solder under IHS

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Roundup: Good enough for a "tick"

Wednesday, 18 April 2012 11:22

Core i5 3570T is 45W TDP Quad core

Clocked the same as 32nm predecessor

Monday, 02 April 2012 11:58

Haswell to ramp up faster than Ivy

1H 2013

Thursday, 08 March 2012 10:22

Haswell 2013 to come as 1-chip platform

Shark Bay platform brings new form factors

Dual-cores are Core i3 now

14nm to use same 1150 socket as Haswell

i7 3770 vs. i7 2600, same clock

Starts with Core i5 3470T, 35W