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Nvidia GTX 570 review, faster than 480, HD 5870 - 2. A closer look at the GTX 570

Written by Sanjin Rados

Review: Quiet, great performance, great holiday gift

A closer look at the GTX 570

When it comes to performance and thermals, reference dual slot cooling on the GTX 580 ended up being much better compared to the GTX 480’s. Nvidia basically took the GTX 580’s cooling and added few design touches in order to provide the GTX 570 with efficient cooling. With help from the vapor chamber, the GTX 570`s cooler is really quiet. Note that the GTX 580 and GTX 570 loos the same at a glance, with only a small difference in the texture.


The plastic hood covers the entire card and all that’s visible is the blower-style fan, which exhausts hot air out the back of the system chassis. GTX 580 and 570 also feature a new adaptive GPU fan control algorithm that smoothes the ramp up/down of the fan speed under load.


GTX 580 and GTX 570 employ copper vapor chamber technology that draws heat off of the GPU. The heat is then dissipated by a large, dual slot heatsink. The GTX 570 has a bit larger dissipational surface compared to GTX 580.




Unlike the long heatpipes which transfer heat from copper base to aluminum fins for dissipation, the Vapor-X chamber is a component that brings both copper-base and heatpipe functions together. The advantage is in direct contact with the GPU and a large surface of only a few millimeters thick Vapor-X chamber, which comes in place of a copper base. It then directly receives and transfers heat to the aluminum fins. Note that despite the performance improvements, visual inspection won’t show much difference between Vapor-X chamber cooling and standard cooling solutions with a copper base.

Built from the same DNA as the GTX 580, the GTX 570 incorporates all the enhancements found in its more powerful sibling. GTX 580/570’s PCB design hasn’t changed much from the GTX 480, but there have been improvements in power regulation circuitry. Nvidia added Advanced Power Management, a feature which monitors consumption and performs power capping – all to protect the graphics cards from excessive power draw and potentially resulting damage.


The GTX 570 has 4-phase power whereas the GTX 580 comes with 6 phases. As you can see from the picture below, the GTX 570 lacks two power phases when compared to the GTX 580.


GTX 580/570 is the same size as Geforce GTX 480, measuring 10.5 inches or 26.7 centimeters in length. GTX 570 has two 6-pin power connectors maximum graphics card power 219W compared to GTX 580 which has one 6-pin and 8-pin power connector and maximum graphics card power 244W.

The video engine didn’t change, it is the same as on GF100, Fermi chips. You still have maximum of two display supported and no DisplayPort, at least not on reference boards. The reference card has two dual-link DVI ports and one mini HDMI. The mini HDMI cable might be bundled by partners and if not it will cost you much more than a standard full size HDMI that you use for your HD TV.  

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-21 #1 Jurassic1024 2010-12-07 15:54
1. ATi (AMD) feels threatened enough to release the 4890 to take on the GTX 260. nVIDIA says "WTF", and releases the GTX 275. nVIDIA destroys the 4890 with the GTX 275. But didnt they also have the GTX 280 and 285, and the 495? What a bloodbath!

2. AMD releases some 6000 series cards that are no better than the 5000 series. But they are successors to the midrange 5000 series, but rated as high end using the xx50 and xx70 names. But isnt nVIDIA killing AMD with the 460, 470, 480, 570, and the 580?

AMD running in circles trying so hard to take some kind of lead releasing all these cards that are losers.
+12 #2 Warhead 2010-12-07 16:34
Fuad, is that you? :D
+6 #3 spede 2010-12-07 16:45
Great POS with Fuad-style nvidia-hype.
+5 #4 fuadzilla 2010-12-07 17:20
Quoting Warhead:
Fuad, is that you? :D

i suspect this whole site is owned by fuad...hahaha. and he probably is a big shareholder of intel and nvidia
+5 #5 JAB Creations 2010-12-07 17:28
I read that clock for clock it gets the same performance as the 480.

Linkage: http://www.legitreviews.com/news/9429/
-9 #6 LASER 2010-12-07 17:37
nice review.... newborns beating the big dady eh? didnt thought 1.25Gb card which beats 1.5Gb will come down to a sweet deal!!

now i think they didnt out it earlier as people will still wait for ATi and they really might not want any confusion in people's mind for getting GTX 580....

now its clear to me 6970 gonna have tough fight with 570 coz wht i think is that 6950 got potential to beat 480....

some one told GTX 6XX in jan is that true Fuad?? or i shud go for 580?
-13 #7 Jurassic1024 2010-12-07 18:40
GTX 570 CRUSHES the 5870. Even matches them in power consumption (according to Techspot who i trust a bit more in their reviews) and LOWER operating temps @ $350usd!!!
-9 #8 Jurassic1024 2010-12-07 18:42
Quoting Warhead:
Fuad, is that you? :D

I know, its hard to admit your team isn't as good as you made it out to be. Blaming Fuad can't save you now.
0 #9 Nerdmaster 2010-12-07 19:29
Quoting LASER:
nice review.... newborns beating the big dady eh? didnt thought 1.25Gb card which beats 1.5Gb will come down to a sweet deal!!
now its clear to me 6970 gonna have tough fight with 570 coz wht i think is that 6950 got potential to beat 480....
some one told GTX 6XX in jan is that true Fuad?? or i shud go for 580?

570 consumes way more (40W) than 5870. This is not the same. And coming from an Nvidia pro-site. Also 570 is as fast as 480 at the same clocks and 570 consumes 5-10W less just from the 256 MB less memory. So it is not that better than 480. But it is cheaper because they modified it to increase yields. Also 40nm yields are finally high so that is why 570 excists and is so cheap. Damn why Amd doesn't drop 6870 to 180$ and 6850 to 130$???
-12 #10 Warrior24_7 2010-12-08 02:03
Nvidia is kicking MAJOR AMD ass!! Who would actually buy and AM-DUNG curd right now, there is really no reason. At EVERY level Nvidia has something better.

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