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Scythe Setsugen 2 shows off (updated)



The Catalyst driver does slow down the card under load but we did not find any game which would exceed Furmark's temperatures or fan-speeds. As you can see the stock cooler heats up to 85°C and the fan is very loud - more annoying compared to the Setsugen 2 at full speed.



Even with the lowest setting at 760rpm the Setsugen 2 beats the stock cooler by up to 5°C. All in all, 80°C is safe for GPU standards.



With just 1000rpm the temperature drops another impressive 7°C.



At full speed the Setsugen maxed out at 64°C. But of course, we don't like it that noisy.



With the 25mm fan at 960rpm the Setsugen manged 68°C which is 17°C less compared to the stock cooler.


Last modified on 30 November 2010
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