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Phenom II X6 in the lab - 5 Power-Consumption

Written by Eliot Kucharik

amd_phenom_x6_front_small recommended08_75 
Review: Affordable Hexa-Cores


It's quite amazing that the Phenom II X6 still kept the TDP at the same level as any Phenom II X4. Thanks to ASRock we could also play with the new 95W TDP 1055T. Short story: This is the first CPU which can reach efficiency levels of the mainstream Intel Core i5s and i3s. Please note some CPUs can't work with integrated graphics such as i5-750 and i7-975.



Here the plain power-consumption using lamemt and 3DMark.  Please not that even quad-cores are not fully utilized, but the results should give you an overview what to expect when gaming.



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