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Phenom II X6 in the lab - 2 Overview & Turbo-Core

Written by Eliot Kucharik

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Review: Affordable Hexa-Cores

Overview and Turbo-Core:

The cheapest of AMD hexa-cores the 1055T clocks at 2.8GHz, the just released 1075T will clock at 3GHz and the flagship model starts with 3.2GHz.



The new CPU features Turbo Core, which means the CPU can overclock half its cores up to 400MHz on the 1090T and 500MHz on the 1055T. As long as three or more cores are idle, the CPU speeds up the working cores adding some performance increase especially with single and dual-threaded applications. Many older games will also benefit. We have a screenshot using lamemt, with the 1090T all worked as expected, but the 1055T disappointed. We think this is because our CPU is the new 95W version, so the Turbo can't go up that much otherwise it would exceed the 95W TDP.



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