Asus GTX 950 Strix 2GB OC Edition reviewed
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26 August 2015

Compact and extremely quiet during gaming

Many parameters for this entry-level to mainstream graphics card are well tuned, but the price is too high.

Pre-rooted UMI Emax Rootjoy phablet reviewed
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23 August 2015

Review: Good battery, nice spec, unimpressive software 

Chinese smartphone maker UMI has been around for a few years, and some westerners may be familiar with the company’s ultrathin Zero handset, or some of its fancy accessories, like stylish headphones.

EVGA GTX 950 FTW 2GB reviewed
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20 August 2015

Review: Price is too high, but we blame Nvidia

EVGA’s factory-overclocked FTW card gives pleasant and quiet 1080p gaming but it is a bit on the pricey side.

Linux Mint 17.2
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19 August 2015

Breathe new life into your old PC with GNU/Linux

Who doesn't know that new-gadget-itch? ...when you *need*  to spend money on the latest and greatest whatever, because the thing you have on your desk or in your pocket is just too damn slow! Or the resolution isn't high enough. Or it doesn't run the latest and greatest software (Windows 10 anyone?). Maybe it's ugly. Or.... Admit it, you're just bored and want a new toy.

EVGA GTX 980 Ti Superclocked+ reviewed
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13 August 2015

Faster than Titan X

EVGA has nine different GTX 980 Ti cards, including three superclocked flavours.