Wednesday, 31 August 2011 19:03

2013 Bulldozer successor is 28nm

Written by Fuad Abazovic

Not 20nm or 22nm
Once AMD drains the potential of 32nm technology and hits the wall, it won’t go for 22nm like Intel, and instead our sources claim that the next generation Bulldozer is a 28nm part.

This won’t happen any time soon as current Bulldozer – Zambezi comes out September 19 and in 2012 it will be replaced by the Komodo eight-core CPU, again a 32nm part.

Only in 2013, AMD plans a successor based on 28nm bulk process and AMD will have to abandon Silicon on Insulator for its future chips. There are no plans that GloFo will do 28nm SOI and they even said that they don’t plan to do SOI 20nm, either.

The 28nm Bulldozer core based CPU will have the same fundamental design like Zambezi, as AMD plans to stick with Bulldozer cores for at least the next few generations. Remember, K8 was a brand new core and it lasted for years, then it was transformed to K10 and revised for AMD CPUs that we know today as Phenom II, and it is still in production in a number of designs.
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-7 #1 dew111 2011-08-31 19:46
I thought previous sources had claimed Komodo is a ten-core part. Does new information contradict this, or did you make a mistake?
-8 #2 redisnidma 2011-08-31 20:10
The following quote comes from Theo Valich (Brightsideofne ws):

Update August 30, 2011, 9:36PM Pacific - We have received word from GlobalFoundries and SOITEC that the statements made today during press luncheon ended up sounding different than what was meant. As we expected, GlobalFoundries remain comitted to SOI (as we all expect) for the process nodes in which SOI makes sense, i.e. high performance silicon nodes, such as 22nm, 14nm, 10nm and beyond.

-7 #3 bardenck 2011-08-31 20:12
wow. by the time amd gets to 22nm, intel will be at 14nm!! interesting move.
-7 #4 TechHog 2011-08-31 21:34
I really hope this isn't true. It would be a huge mistake.
-6 #5 dan 2011-08-31 22:21
Of course it's not true. Fudo doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. GloFo are sticking to SOI and AMD will be using it for future processors.
-4 #6 saneblane 2011-08-31 22:39
Every Amd cpu article that fud writes is full of shit. I have read a few of them and they are the same "the sky is falling run for the hills, cause Amd is collapsing" kind of nonsense.

28nm gpu's are coming out this year and if Amd is going to use 28nm for next year for the bulldozer refresh, then that is the best thing they could do. Cause if they didn't they would be waiting for 22nm. And glofo do have 22nm in the works. So this could work out fine for Amd, as they would be able to use every new process shrink from Glofo.
-6 #7 noypogs16 2011-09-01 04:53
hey! intelvidia fanboy, wrong article again, wrong sources, dont guess! ask directly amd,you idiot!
-7 #8 Nerdfighter 2011-09-01 10:01
Fudo bashing AMD again. I'm pretty sure nothing is finalized yet, and that GloFo won't be 3 years late for 22nm. Stop taking every AMD-negative news-source and act like it's 100% true.
+4 #9 bro_fist 2011-09-01 10:59
Intel 22nm, AMD 28nm. :D

AMD failed, failing, will fail.
-6 #10 cllund79 2011-09-03 03:09
Quoting bro_fist:
Intel 22nm, AMD 28nm. :D

AMD failed, failing, will fail.

bro_fist has fisted, is fisting, and will fist his bro.

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