Friday, 20 November 2009 11:46

Cedarview Atom 2011 has HD support

Written by Fuad Abazovic


DirectX 10.1 graphics

If you want Intel's platform that can alone support HD content, that will be the Cedar Trail D for desktop and some other Cedar Trail for netbooks.

According to the intel we managed to gather, Cedarview 32nm Atom will feature a new graphics core that will have DirectX 10.1 support as well as HD content support.

This includes Blu-ray support and official certification as well as Dual digital display support. The new graphics core will support VGA and LVDA, something that Pineview CPU already supports and additionally it will support LVDS, eDP, HDMI and DisplayPort.

This will make the Atom platform even more interesting for potential customers in 2011 as many people were expecting digital connectors for Atom systems due to superior display quality. Home theater users are dying for an HDMI connector, something that they get today with Nvidia’s ION.

Alternatively in Pine trail D platform we learned that there will be some third party chip support that can result in HD capability on Pine trail D Atom platform, and these third party chips will end up cheaper than the ION, which might put a lot of pressure on Nvidia in 2010. 

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