Tuesday, 11 January 2011 11:09

Blackberry Playbook tab has Marvell dual core

Written by Fuad Abazovic

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Industry sources have reported that the chip inside Blackberry's tab comes from Marvell. We kind of expected Qualcomm or Tegra 2, but Marvell beat these two in this particular design win.

It looks like Marvell is another dual-core party in ARM Cortrex A9 town. Nvidia has its dual core chip for a while and it looks Marvel managed to come second. Qualcomm still doesn't have one and Samsung is still not ready with its own design.

Apple should have its dual core Cortex ARM 9 ready for this year and one can only speculate whether the iPad 2 comes with it in April or not. We hope to see dual-core iPhones and iPads based on Apple's new chip sometime this year. Omap 4 from Texas Instruments has been announced for years, but but we still have to see it being used in any phone or tablet.

We will ask around to get more details, but Blackberry representatives have confirmed the new dual chip, just didn't want to tell us who makes it. Like Motorola, Blackberry is all about its brand and it doesn’t want to give much traction to the hardware inside.

Just like Tegra 2, the new Marvell chip runs at 1 Ghz.
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