Seven million APUs sold in Q2
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 11:16

Llano lappies still hard to find in Europe

Desktops widely available
Published in Processors
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 15:51

AMD preparing unlocked desktop Llano


A8-3870 is the name
Published in Processors

Preview: Zboxed Fusion offers impressive features
Published in Reviews

Pandora coming to a TV near you

Published in Games

AMD expected less, but priced it right
Published in Graphics
Thursday, 14 July 2011 17:44

AMD Brazos drops to US $99.99


Deal of the day: AMD E-350 APU
Published in Motherboard
Thursday, 14 July 2011 12:22

HIS rolls out HD 6970 IceQ Mix card


LucidLogix chip for GPU mixing
Published in Graphics
Thursday, 14 July 2011 11:36

Sapphire working on Fusion Edge nettop

Q3 launch
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Thursday, 14 July 2011 11:17

More Bulldozer specs revealed

First parts coming in August, apparently
Published in Processors
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