Friday, 16 December 2011 06:31

No BlackBerry 10 phones till late 2012

Written by David Stellmack

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RIM knows it has to get it right

News from RIM confirms what might be the worst news possible which is that the expected release of the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones will not happen till late 2012. While it is obvious that RIM knows it has to get it right, it is going to be a rocky road for RIM till then.

The focus for RIM will be delivering a high-quality and fully featured user experience with a well developed ecosystem of applications and services. When the new BlackBerry 10 phones are finally released they will be featuring an industrial design with features to make it a desirable product in the competitive North American market space.

Those we spoke with today predict that it will be difficult sledding for RIM so to speak while they prepare for the release of their BlackBerry 10 smartphones. In the meantime, they are expected to continue to lose market share to both Apple iPhones and Android models in the Enterprise space, which is where RIM has normally done very well.

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0 #1 Jay 2011-12-19 05:01
Insider trading by Mike Callaghan & Nigel Stepney has revelaed that RIM tried to use AMD fusion zacate ulv processors but after a while the phones were overheating & a couple of demo instruments caught fire & 1 RIM employee was seriously injured coz the phone burst in flames in a cab & the cab also burst then CIA was called in to cover up the matter. So this is the main delay for the release of their new gen. phones! :lol:

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