Thursday, 10 February 2011 21:40

Qualcomm officialy announces its APQ8060 processor

Written by Slobodan Simic
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Dual-core paired up with Adreno 220 GPU

The Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 or the processor that is happily running in HP's new tablet, has now finally and officially announced by the company.

This dual-core (clocked at 1.2GHz in Touchpad) comes paired up with Adreno 220 GPU and features support for Stereoscopic 3D (S3D), 1080p 30fps HD video capture and playback, console-quality gaming and full web browsing including the support for Adobe Flash 10.

According to Qualcomm, the newest member of the Snapdragon family includes two asynchronous processor cores, an integrated Adreno 220 GPU with twice the processing power of its predecessor, support for up to a 16 Megapixel camera, and can capture and display HD 1080p stereoscopic video or 8 Megapixel stereoscopic still images to an autostereoscopic panel or a 3DTV (via HDMI).

Something that we haven't seen yesterday is the Armageddon Squadron II, an arcade flight simulation game made by Polarbit, which is apparently optimized for HP Touchpad. According to Qualcomm's press release, this game features dynamic lightning and shading with enhanced motion blur, all thanks to that Adreno 220 GPU.

Considering these quite an impressive specs, it is no wonder that HP's WebOS based Touchpad is working well with multi-tasking and even might have impressive GPU power under the hood as well.

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+4 #1 loadwick 2011-02-10 23:56
The mobile processor business has gone crazy over the last year or so, its moving at an incredible rate.

I guess that's the beauty of having lots of competition, not just a 2 horse race that most of the time is just a 1 horse canter and a little donkey eating what ever crumbs drop it's way.

I would like to see more benchmark numbers when these new chips are talked about though, i have a rough idea of where the iPhone 4 chip is compared to the Galaxy S and then maybe Tegra 2 but then we have this dual core running at 1.2GHz with Adreno 220?? And what about the TI OMAP 4440 1.5GHz or the quad core been kicked around? Or the PSP2?

Also, why does it take so long from production to get in a device? articles saying shipping in 2H 2011, in phones 2H 2012? why?
+5 #2 East17 2011-02-11 10:00
Ugh AMD was sooo dumb to sell of their Imageon line :(

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