Monday, 27 December 2010 11:12

Apple patents new antenna design

Written by Nick Farell

Requires no rubber band to work
Last year Jobs' Mob produced an antenna design which was so useless that it required users to wrap a rubber band around it to work.

The iPhone 4 dropped so many calls that Steve Jobs, after initially shouting at users for using the wrong hand, came clean and offered them all a free rubber band to get the gadget to go. Now it seems that Apple was working on a new idea for future mobile gear at the time.

Patently Apple has found a patent application that shows that the company plans to incorporate the antenna for some of its devices behind the Apple logo. Of course it would move the antenna closer to the surface of the devices but get rid of some of the problems that the iPhone 4 has. Apple's new design would incorporate mobile and GPS antennas as well and is aimed at more than just the iPhone.  It will go into Macbooks and the iPad.

The new antenna appears to transmit and receive radio-frequency signals through a dielectric window mounted in a housing wall. The antenna could also reportedly have a patch antenna resonating element inside. The Patent, which is numbered 20100321253 was filed in June of 2009.
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