Nvidia Shield Tablet update improves battery
Published in Notebooks
18 February 2015

Software upgrade 2.2, Android 5.0.1

Nvidia has just released a 94.1MB update for the Shield Tablet, and this latest update is getting the Nvidia's software updated to 2.2. 

ASRock VisionX mini PCs coming to Europe
Published in News
18 February 2015

Killer specs, premium pricing

ASRock’s VisionX series of mini PCs is coming to Europe, with impressive spec sheets and relatively high prices.

LG reportedly working on high-end SoC for 2016
Published in Processors
18 February 2015

Cortex-A72 rumoured

Samsung is already planning to use its own silicon in flagship smartphones, and if new reports out of South Korea are true, Qualcomm may be about to lose another big customer.

Asus unveils new Geforce GTX 960 Mini
Published in Graphics
17 February 2015

Mini-ITX graphics card based on GM206 GPU

Joining the trend of launching mini-ITX form-factor friendly graphics cards, Asus has launched the Geforce GTX 960 Mini, based on a short 17cm PCB, and featuring a factory-overclock.

Apple Pay Doomed
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17 February 2015

China is not falling for it.

The Tame Apple Press is having a problem with why people are not rushing to sign up to the Apple pay project.

Intel eats its IoT dogfood
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17 February 2015

Internal report shows cloud and IoT commitment

A leaked report has revealed how Chipzilla is convincing its own staff of its Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and data analytics.

Xiaomi is number one in China
Published in Mobiles
17 February 2015

Samung now a number two

If you believe the Tame Apple Press, Apple has control of the Chinese market and everyone is clutching an iPhone after selling their kidneys to pay for it, however the reality has been that it has been Samsung's playground. That is until today.

Daft USB technology of our time
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17 February 2015

Mother of USB hubs

There have been a few moments when we depended on our faithful USB hubs to run all the gear we had plugged in to our PC.

Apple gave up on sexy tech for iWatch
Published in Wearables
17 February 2015

Decided to "market" old tat instead

The fruity cargo cult Apple wanted to install some sexy new technology under the bonnet of its iWatch, however it could not come up with anything new.

Honda offers €600 Tegra based infotainment
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17 February 2015

European Civic models available now

The infotainment market is a big opportunity for Nvidia Tegra. The company is getting a lot of high-profile design wins and most notable are among them are Audi, VW and BMW - select models have Nvidia Tegra infotainment systems inside.