AMD takes a bigger bite of Intel's pie
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It now has 28 percent market share 

A  report from PassMark says that AMD increased its market share from 18 percent last quarter to 24 percent. This is AMD’s largest single quarter share gain in history and it is all thanks to Ryzen.

Foundries about to enter a golden age
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Globalfoundries will remain golden while all around is dark

Globalfoundries CEO Sanjay Jha claims that the semiconductor industry will enter a golden age in the next decade.

Samsung releases refurbished Note 7s
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Let the flame wars begin

Samsung  will start selling a refurbished version of the recalled, super popular but unfortunately inflamabile Galaxy Note 7 smartphone in South Korea on July 7.

Expensive phone-maker for the rich and stupid runs out of cash
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No not that one, the other one

A British-based luxury phone maker which made its name flogging $50,000 smartphones decked out in alligator leather and titanium and fitted with sapphire screens, has run out of cash.

Death of Moore's Law could be cool
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HP Labs thinks it is the best thing to happen in computing

While Moore's Law is slowly winding up, Hewlett-Packard Labs is not exactly mourning.

France surrenders to Microsoft
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Drops data collecting case

France's National Data Protection Commission has dropped its claim that Windows 10 was collecting "excessive personal data" about users.

Boom booms in sensor market
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Autonomous vehicles creating spin-offs

Rising interest in autonomous vehicles creates vast growth opportunities for sensor developers, according to beancounters adding up numbers for Frost & Sullivan's TechVision team.

AMD Ryzen desktop CPUs go Pro
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Ryzen for business market

Following the launch of consumer-oriented desktop Ryzen CPUs based on the new Zen CPU architecture as well as the launch of Epyc server CPUs, AMD has now turned its attention to the business market, with the launch of Ryzen Pro CPU lineup.

Nvidia releases Vulkan GeForce beta
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Updates VulkanRT

Nvidia has released its 382.68 beta Vulkan GeForce graphics driver.

Qualcomm starts HMD accelerator programme
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Kickstarting VR 

Chipmaker Qualcomm has started an HMD accelerator programme to help VR device manufacturers develop premium standalone VR HMDs.