Appeals Court backs Samsung in appeal against Apple
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Apple did not invent slide to unlock

A US appeals court overturned a $120 million jury verdict against Samsung saying that the company did not infringe Apple's "quick links" patent, and that patents for the iPhone's slide-to-unlock and auto-correct features were invalid.

Xiaomi Mi 5 gets 14 million registrations
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Not a bad launch day

Xiaomi has announced that for the upcoming handset’s release, they have seen 14 million people register their interest in purchasing the handset.

Microsoft drops the price of its Band 2
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Now a reasonable $175

Microsoft has decided to give the wearable a price cut of $75. This makes the device more affordable with a price tag of $175.

AMD Dooms Nvidia in benchmarks
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A 4K thrashing

AMD has apparently given Nvidia a good thrashing at 4K in early benchmarks of Doom.

Silliest product for Apple fanboys yet
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Selfie sticks for laptops

Just when you thought that Apple products could not get dafter, one bloke thinks that the world needs a Macbook Selfie Stick.

Russian PC makers are back
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Baikal-T1 heads to workstations

A Russian supercomputer outfit is creating a PC which his based around its own processor –  the "Baikal-T1."

Cheap Indian phone might be a Ponzi scheme
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There is such a thing as too cheap

An Indian politician has labelled the ‘Freedom 251’ mobile phone which is selling for a $3.60 dollars a Ponzi scam.

Helio P20 brings 6GB LPDDR4X with 45 percent less power
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Better camera using Bayer and Mono sensors

Last week we told you about the Helio P20 and we were surprised that MediaTek has decided to share so many details about its first 16nm FinFET mainstream processor.

HTC Vive to cost €899 in the EU
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Official price, starts selling February 29

HTC has revealed the last piece of its VR strategy and explained how much it plans to sell Vive VR glasses outside the US.

Raspberry Pi 3 launches with 64-bit Cortex A53, now available for $35
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Competition with Pine A64 project heats up

The folks at the Raspberry Pi foundation have just released the third-generation version of their highly popular single-board computer, the Raspberry Pi 3, now complete with a 64-bit ARM Cortex A53 chip to keep up with modern times along with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth this time around.