G.Skill releases new high-end DDR4 memory kits
Published in Memory
16 January 2015

16GB memory kits at 3200MHz and 3400MHz

G.Skill has released its two new Ripjaws 4 DDR4 16GB memory kits that will feature high 3200MHz and 3400MHz frequency as well as be bundled with G.Skill's Turbulence III memory fans.

Hackers attack French Press
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16 January 2015

Instant surrender

The security systems of France’s leading newspapers have surrendered to attacks which appear to have come from people who think that shooting journalists is the best way to spread a religion of love.

HP set to release two new tablets
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16 January 2015

HP Pro Slate 10 EE G1 and HP Pro Tablet 10 EE G1

The maker of printer ink which is more expensive than gold, HP is about to put out two tablets later this year.

AMD shows off facial recognition search
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16 January 2015

Organise your video collection

AMD has developed facial recognition technology to enable users to organize and search video clips based on the people featured in them.

Cubans can now buy US tech
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16 January 2015

Of course they can’t afford them

US companies are now allowed to flog consumer tech to Cubans. This means that the country which had been locked in the 1950s can now have mobile phones PCs, TVs and anything else that will "enable the flow of information" for the great unwashed.

Apple about to steal GoPro’s idea
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16 January 2015

Shareholders flee

It seems that Apple is about to steal GoPro’s idea for mountable cameras as part of sporting equipment.

Dell XPS 13 to start shipping
Published in Notebooks
16 January 2015

World's smallest 13.3 inch, borderless display

Last week at CES Dell was showing off its rather nice XPS 13 inch notebook. 

Samsung starts mass producing 8 Gb GDDR5
Published in Graphics
16 January 2015

16GB+ graphic cards possible 

Samsung has announced that is has started the mass production of its 8 Gb GDDR5 chips in 20nm.

Google releases new Project Ara trailer
Published in Mobiles
16 January 2015

Select journos get hands-on access

Google has released another Project Ara trailer-teaser and for the first time it granted hands-on access to a number of journalists.

NUC getting Core i7, Skylake too
Published in Motherboards
16 January 2015

Next Unit of Computing growing up

Last week we had a chance to chat with Intel people in charge of NUC (Next Unit of Computing) small barebones desktop systems and we learned a bit about the future of this exciting concept.