ITX-i89H0 Mini-ITX gets 14nm 3D tri-gate transistor
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Industrial motherboard 

Arbor Technology is offering the ITX-i89H0 Mini-ITX industrial motherboard based around Intel’s 14nm 3D tri-gate transistor technology

More doom for PC market
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IDC predicts only minor recovery next year

Beancounters at IDC have poured cold water on hopes that the PC market will do better next year.

Microsoft faces Surface tablet delays
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Skylake’s fault

Just when Microsoft has a product that is duffing up Apple, it is suffering from supply problems caused by Intel.

Freescale deal complete
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NXP writes $12 billion cheque

NXP has completed its nearly $12 billion deal to buy Freescale and become the world's top maker of automotive electronics.

Samsung gives Marshmallow to old notes
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Before the flagship

Samsung is famous for dragging its feet on Android upgrades but it seems that it has given Marshmallow Galaxy Note 4 owners before later models.

Vince K|NGP|N Lucido pushes EVGA GTX 980 Ti to 2200MHz
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EVGA GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N Edition breaks three more records

Vince "K|NGP|N" Lucido has broken three 3DMark World single card records by pushing the EVGA Geforce GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N Edition to 2200MHz for the GPU on LN2.

Onda M2 mini-pc released at $200
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Mini PC’s are being churned out rapidly with some specs much better than others. The latest from Onda fits into our rather nice for the price category.

Wafer-thin Cubot X16 reviewed
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Review: 6 millimetres of zinc alloy and glass on a budget

Inexpensive phones have to end up with a cheap feeling finish and unimpressive design? Cubot begs to differ, so the company has rolled out the Cubot X16, an ultrathin mainstream phone with a premium feel, priced at just $150.

Tag Heuer can’t keep up with demand
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There is a market after all

Luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer has found that there was a market for an expensive smartwatch if you were not Apple.

Nvidia backtracks on Kodi pirate support
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Shielded pirating activity

Red-faced staff at Nvidia published an article advising customers to site known for 'pirate' addons in order to boost the capabilities of the Kodi media player.