Fiorina dubs Tim Cook a gay rights hypocrite
Published in News
08 April 2015

Do dirty deeds but shut up about it

A former HP boss, and presidential wanna be took time out from attacking Hilary Clinton to have a pop at Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Samsung execs told to look at design
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08 April 2015

Copying Apple not that much of an option

Samsung executives were told about the importance of designs and user experiences and how a rounded rectangle was not really that cool.

GlobalFoundries clarifies 14nm plans
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08 April 2015

Still tweaking its gear

GlobalFoundries clarified details of the ramp up of 14nm chip production at fab 8 manufacturing facility in New York.

Farrell escapes from Apple tyranny
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08 April 2015

Apple stuck a Farrell in charge of Apple quality... what could possibly go wrong?

The Tame Apple Press is stunned after it was revealed that a Farrell has escaped from Apple custody after he had been put in charge of Apple's quality.

Toshiba TransMemory EX II (128GB) Flash Drive reviewed
Published in Reviews
08 April 2015

One of the fastest flash drives around.

Toshiba’s TransMemory EX II USB drive provides a lot of storage with fast access times. We tested the 128GB model, rated at 205 MB/s write and 222 MB/s read.

Apple faces Swiss Army knife
Published in Wearables
08 April 2015

A watch which removes stones from horse's hooves

It appears that everyone is making a watch these days – other than Apple of course, which is yet to release its out-of-date effort.  The latest manufacturer to throw its hat into the ring is the maker of Swiss Army knives.

Skylake 15W mobile SKUs getting Iris graphics
Published in Notebooks
08 April 2015

Now starts with 28W Broadwell-U

It looks like Intel has managed to squeeze Iris graphics inside 15W Skylake processors. 

Aluminium charges in a minute
Published in Mobiles
08 April 2015

Could replace lithium-ion batteries

A team of US boffins have emerged from their smoke filled labs claiming that they have a replacement for lithium-ion batteries

ASUS MG279Q joins AMD FreeSync monitor lineup
Published in Graphics
08 April 2015

27-inch with IPS panel

While already announced earlier at CES 2015 in January, as a monitor that supports DisplayPort 1.2a with Adaptive-Sync, ASUS' MG279Q has now been confirmed as a part of the AMD FreeSync lineup.

After Haswell Refresh business users get Skylake-S
Published in Processors
08 April 2015

No Broadwell for desktop business customers

Currently the fastest Core i7 for business customers that supports Intel vPro is the Core i7 4790.