Intel helps partners launch 'SoFIA'-based tablets
Published in News
27 April 2015

For $79

Intel is going to help its partners release cheaper tablets.

High amount of Android malware
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27 April 2015

Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report released

Symantec's latest Internet Security Threat Report claims that 17 percent of all Android apps are malware.

Blackberry to close in Sweden
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27 April 2015

Sweden closes Blackberry office 

Blackberry has decided to pull out of Sweden.

Windows 10 latest 10061 build tested
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27 April 2015

Improved performance, new calendar and mail

We have been watching the Windows 10 development cycle closely, and over the weekened we got a notification and installed the latest 10061 build. 

Microsoft's DRM plans for 4K
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27 April 2015

Ropes in Intel, AMD, and Nvidia

There are some very dark rumours about what Microsoft is planning for Windows 10 and the 4K television standard and it seems to have roped in Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and Qualcomm.

LG Watch Urbane W150 in the shops tomorrow
Published in Wearables
27 April 2015

Sells for €329

Tomorrow is a big day for LG, as the company is planning to launch its highly anticipated LG G4 phone/phablet and its new flagship smartwatch. 

G.Skill announces new DDR4 128GB memory kit
Published in Memory
24 April 2015

Claims world's fastest 128GB DDR4 kit

G.Skill has unveiled its newest DDR4 128GB memory kit with 2800MHz frequency, which also allow it to claim the world's fastest DDR4 128GB memory kit, the new G.Skill Ripjaws 4 128GB kit.

Acer working on Predator gaming tablet
Published in Notebooks
24 April 2015

Part of the new Predator gaming lineup

Acer is definitely on a roll, revealing plenty of new products, including new notebooks, desktops, tablets and monitors, but what especially caught our eye is the new Predator gaming tablet.

Lenovo's K80 smartphone spotted with 4GB of memory
Published in Mobiles
24 April 2015

5.5-inch Full HD display and Intel Atom SoC

While ASUS Zenfone 2 might be the first smartphone with 4GB of RAM, Lenovo's newest K80 5.5-inch smartphone follows the sane design approach, sporting an Intel SoC and plenty of RAM.

Acer announces first curved monitor with Nvidia G-Sync
Published in Graphics
24 April 2015

34-inch ultra-wide QHD XR341CKA monitor

Acer has unveiled its newest 34-inch QHD curved ultra-wide monitor with support for Nvidia G-Sync technology, the Acer XR341CKA.