Intel's Gemini Lake to ship by late Q1 2018
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New "Atom“ notebooks / tablets

Intel canceled quite a few tablet and smartphone products from its roadmap but it is clear that it still needs a successor to Atom – the Apollo Lake product generation.

Ethereum startup was a successful scam
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Raised $374,000 and disappeared

A startup on the Ethereum platform vanished from the internet on Sunday after raising $374,000 from investors in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fundraiser.

Google to purge Putin's propaganda
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Ending the Kremlin's reign over Google News

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet, says the company will purge Russian propaganda from Google News after facing criticism that Kremlin-owned media sites were given royal treatment on the search giant’s news and advertising platforms.

German watchdog bans smartwatches for kids
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Watchdog growls and stupid parents

German regulators have banned the sale of smartwatches designed for kids saying that the gear is more of a “spying device” than a toy.

Marvell buys Cavium
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Late consolidation

Chipmaker Marvell is going to buy smaller rival Cavium in a deal valued at about $6 billion.

Apple delays HomePod
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We could not invent more than the name and the silly price

The fruity tax dodging cargo cult Apple has admitted that it has not invented Amazon’s echo speaker yet.

Apple allows iPhone X out into the cold for first time
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Just in time for Winter

The fruity tax dodging cargo cult Apple has apparently fixed a flaw with in its over-priced iPhone X which caused it to stop working if the temperature dropped below freezing.

Kid breaks into his mum’s iPhone X
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Super-secure tech destroyed by a ten-year-old

A 10 year old kid broke into his mother’s over-priced, super-secure  iPhone X just by looking at it.

Apple’s Siri will be always on
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Is that a good thing or not?

Rumours are circulating that the next generation of the iMac Pro will use Apple’s A10 Fusion processor and will come with its voice assistant Siri always on and ready to hear your whispered, dulcet tones.

New XPS 15 to get four lane Thunderbolt 3
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External graphics here I come

Dell has a list of its notebooks supporting Thunderbolt 3 with two and four lanes, and Frank Azor has confirmed that the XPS 15 comes with Kaby Lake – H getting four lanes.