CPU and GPU recycling could be just the thing
Published in Processors

Cash in your chips

An American startup wants to offer a quick and easy way to get cash back for old hardware.

Tame Apple Press claims Samsung will ditch the jack
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Hit the road jack

The Tame Apple Press is telling the world that Samsung is so impressed with Jobs’ Mob’s "brave move" to purge the headphone jack it is set to copy it.

Xiaomi Mi 5s benchmarks leaked
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Snapdragon 821 SoC and 6GB of RAM

Xiaomi Mi 5 is by all standards are rather affordable flagship Android smartphones with one of the best specs for the cash, and the word on the street is that the outfit is working on an “s” version.

People snub digital wallets for now
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We'd much rather have cash

It looks like the rush by Apple and Samsung to create digital wallets has been pretty much useless.

AMD grows market share
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Figures from Mercury and JPR

AMD has been on the blower to point out that figures from Mercury and Jon Peddie Research show that it has been growing market share for the fourth consecutive quarter.

LG snubs EU with V20
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Europeans don’t want big screens, which is news to us

LG has decided that Europeans don’t want big screen phones and are not issuing the V20 in that region.

HP buys Samsung's printer business
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Prints off a $1.05 billion dollar cheque

The maker of expensive printer ink, HP, has written a $1.05 billion cheque for Samsung's printer business.

Apple headphone jack move props up Beats
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No advantage to customers at all – it is all about the money

Fruity tax dodger Apple’s moves to replace the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 were nothing about users and everything about its Beats racket.

Samsung tells Galaxy Note7 users to turn off their phones
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Replacements coming

Samsung has told Galaxy Note7 users to turn off their phones and go back to their old ones until the replacements show up.

Seagate NAS infected with mining software
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Making cash on the back of your network

Owners of a Seagate NAS might like to check to see if it is not infected with Mal/Miner-C, also known as PhotoMiner, which is infecting the devices and using them to mine for the Monero cryptocurrency.