Apple ups the legal ante
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You say tit, and I say tat

The legal team at Apple have fired off a countersuit against Qualcomm, claiming that the chip firms' Snapdragon semiconductors use elements of its own patents.

Samsung starts 2nd-gen 10nm FinFET mass production
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Switching from 10nm LPE to 10nm LPP

Samsung has announced that it has geared up into mass production of its 2nd generation 10nm FinFET manufacturing process technology, moving from 10nm LPE (Low Power Early) to 10nm LPP (Low Power Plus).

Gigabyte announces its custom RX Vega 64/Vega 56
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Part of Gaming OC series with Windforce 2X cooler

It appears that the AMD AIB-partners have finally started to come up with custom RX Vega graphics cards and Gigabyte has just announced its own custom RX Vega 64 and RX Vega 56 graphics cards, with a custom PCB and Windforce 2X cooler.

HDMI v2.1 specification officially released
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Brings dynamic HDR, variable refresh rate and more

The HDMI Forum has officially published the latest HDMI v2.1 specification, paving the way for up to 10K resolutions, dynamic HDR, and support for variable refresh rate.

AMD claims world speed record on servers
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Naples aims to make Intel an offer it can't refuse

AMD claims its new AMD EPYC processors have helped power new HPE hardware that has set a speed world record.

HP installing spyware driver on hardware
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Touchpoint Analytics Client reinvents giving.

HP, whose Christmas motto is "reinvent giving" has been installing a telemetry client on its customers’ computers — and it isn’t offering any warning, or asking permission.

Pai sees big tech conspiracy
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Net neutrality all a big tech plot involving Cher

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai thinks that the monumental backlash against his moves to had control of the internet to US telcos is all a plot by big tech giants.

Uber accused of illegal antics
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Things getting worse for the taxi outfit

It is starting to look like my decision never to take an Uber cab because the outfit was "not that nice" was probably the right decision as the outfit faces fresh allegations of illegal activities.

Facebook tests if the Russians fooled readers
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Building a portal

Facebook is building a portal that will let some users see if they liked or followed Russian propaganda from Internet Research Agency Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts between January 2015 and August 2017.

Airbus, Siemens and Rolls-Royce to build hybrid plane
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Proof of concept

Airbus, Siemens and Rolls-Royce are teaming up to develop a hybrid passenger plane that would use a single electric turbofan along with three conventional jet engines running on aviation fuel.