Acer will begin shipping larger variety of notebooks in 2017
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Education takes top priority with new ruggedized designs

This year, Acer is set to introduce a larger variety of notebook products to meet the specific needs of niche markets ranging from education, casual web browsing and productivity, and even a product themed after the local sea goddess of Taiwan.

New FCC chairman remains undecided on net neutrality
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First open meeting reveals committment to building digital divide

The most recent Federal Communications Chairman, Ajit Pai, who took office earlier last week, has made a commitment to reduce regulatory barriers to growth and innovation and prioritize building the digital divide, a national social inequality measurement on access to internet services.

MediaTek files Q4 2016 earnings
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Down 14.1 percent sequentially

MediaTek has recently provided its earnings report for Q4 2016 during and managed to see its net profits fall 6.7 percent for the entire year, with gross margin reaching a record low of 35.6 percent.

Starbucks goes mad
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30 January 2017

Starbucks goes mad

Limited rollout for now

Today,  Starbucks Ais  that it is hopping on the voice assistant bandwagon with the introduction of a virtual barista in its mobile ordering app.

Windows 10 Creators go mad
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Synchronize apps between PCs, Game Mode, group tiles and more

This Spring, Microsoft plans to release the latest version of its Windows 10 operating system, codenamed Redstone 2, and will add new programs trailed for creating content in artistic styles.

Modem vendors to begin rollout of 5G chipsets in 2H 2017
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Low and high-frequency solutions for different markets

According to the latest report from industry sources, mobile 5G chipset vendors including Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Mediatek and others are expected to announce their first 5G chipset products as early as the second half of 2017.

Samsung and Google wage war over "assistants"
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Samsung benefits from Siri engineers

If there is one takeaway to learn from recent announcements of smartphone lineups and refreshes, it is that AI-based voice assistants have become a top-valued feature for most serious manufacturers and are expected to gain significant momentum in new devices shipping through at least the next several quarters.

Voice assistants are a priority in smartphone launches
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This year, several smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung Electronics, Huawei, LG and Xiaomi are expected to introduce new devices that feature better AI-based assistants in an effort to increase overall market share, according to industry reports.

HP recalls 101,000 notebook batteries
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Less than 1 percent of notebooks affected

Hewlett Packard told the press that it will recall nearly 101,000 notebook batteries from products sold between March 2013 and October 2016, because the units could overheat and pose serious fire and burn hazards.

Component orders for Windows-based HMDs remain low this year
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First devices arriving with Windows 10 Creators Update

Component orders in the virtual reality, augmented reality and merged reality markets are expected to remain low in 2017 as brand vendors attempt to diversify their products – and work on consolidating their product descriptions – based on the latest reports from industry sources.