Rumour: Nvidia GPUs to use Samsung 14nm FinFET
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Tape-out, but more likely bad grapevine

A rumour fresh out of Korea suggests Nvidia might be tapping Samsung as a GPU foundry, but there is a catch.  

MediaTek hits sales target, up 17% up in March
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Seasonal trends and inexpensive 64-bit parts

MediaTek has announced that it has managed to meet its sales target for the first quarter of 2015. 

TSMC clarifies 16nm and 10nm schedule
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16FF coming soon, 10nm in late 2016

TSMC has shed more light on its FinFET plans, saying its 16nm and 10nm nodes are on track.

TSMC expects 10nm volume production in 2017
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Moore’s Law alive and kicking

TSMC is planning to qualify its 10nm node by the end of the year, with volume production slated for 2017. 

Mystery GPU spotted in MediaTek tablet chip
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AMD? Probably not, but it's possible…

An upcoming MediaTek SoC has been spotted in GFXbench and this tablet-oriented chip has created a lot of speculation thanks to the choice of GPU. 

Snapdragon 820 to end up on Samsung’s 14nm node?
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TSMC lagging by at least one quarter

Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 820 may not only be the company’s first FinFET part, but the first processor manufactured by Samsung rather than TSMC. 

UMC scoops up 28nm SoC orders from TSMC
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Qualcomm and MediaTek take the plunge

Last week it emerged that TSMC may be losing some 28nm orders to other foundries, and now it appears that UMC is snatching its business.

Can’t afford a Galaxy S6? How about a knockoff?
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Provided you don’t care about the spec…

Chinese whitebox phone churners have been building flagship knockoffs for years, but the speed at which they “designed” Samsung Galaxy S6 replicas is truly impressive. 

Shocka: Huawei uses 8 Cortex-A53 cores on high-end part
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Cheaper and more efficient

Huawei has dispensed with big Cortex-A57 cores in favour of tweaked Cortex-A53 cores on its new flagship SoC. 

Qualcomm and MediaTek reportedly shifting orders from TSMC
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Looking for cheaper 28nm alternatives?

Qualcomm and MediaTek are reportedly shifting some of their orders from TSMC, in search of better pricing.