Apple tax dodges mentioned in Paradise Papers
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Sidestepped Irish tax increases

The Paradise Papers have revealed some of the Fruity Cargo cult Apple’s dodgy deals to avoid paying the ridiculously low Irish taxes.

Apple wins slide to lock case
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For the grand sum of $120 million

Apple has finally claimed victory over Samsung and now officially invented the slide to lock technology.

Apple admits iPhone X has screen problems
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You get what you pay for

Apple has admitted that its overpriced iPhone X is suffering from the same screen problems as its rivals who had the misfortune of also putting out OLED screens.

SCO versus IBM case resurrected
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Someone cut off its head

A federal appeals court has now partially ruled in favour of the SCO Group, breathing new life into a lawsuit and a company - now bankrupt and nearly dead - that has been suing IBM for almost 15 years.

iPhone X breaks on the first drop
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Better keep it safe in a nice box at home

The iPhone X is so fragile it will break the first time you drop it

Online magazines easily shut down by billionaires
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Silence the media

The US is showing that the one percent will buy out and shut down online magazines if they disagree with what they are writing.

Linux desktop has not jumped in popularity
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Rumours of its popularity greatly exaggerated

Linux fanboys were dancing in the streets when NetMarketShare's desktop operating system analysis, which showed Linux leaping from 2.5 percent in July, to almost five percent in September.

Apple Watch shuts down when you ask it the weather
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Another daylight savings glitch

Comedy developers at Apple have cocked up the programming for summer time yet again, and this time it has resulted in the Apple Watch shutting down when you ask it about the weather.

T-Mobile Netherlands installs OSA 5420 Series
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Nationwide rollout of TD-LTE services

Mobile Netherlands has deployed and fully implemented Oscilloquartz's OSA 5420 Series as part of its national rollout of TD-LTE services.

Humans can still beat AI in StarCraft
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Even if AI is better at Chess

While AI might have mastered Chess, it still can’t beat a human at StarCraft.