US tech sector are the industry leaders
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Rest of the US economy is pants

The US stock market is doing rather well, but it is entirely based on the tech industry which has been making up all the gains.

Milton Keynes gets AI based traffic lights
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I can’t let you turn right Dave

Milton Keynes, the UK “New Town” which became obsessed with roundabouts, is now about to pioneer another traffic hell - smart AI-based traffic lights system.

Microsoft says NSA to blame for Wannacry
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Spy agency stuffed up 

Software King of the World Microsoft has blamed the US spook agency, the National Security Agency, for the Wannacry disaster.

Hackers nick Pirates movie
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Demand ransom

Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger has warned that hackers have nicked a soon-to-be-released movie and are demanding a ransom, which the company is refusing to pay.

WannaCry might have been made in North Korea
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Lazarus Group has similar code

The ransomware known as WannaCry which put the fear of Jehovah into those who thought running Windows XP was a good idea, might have come from a group of North Korean hackers known as the Lazarus Group.

ZeniMax targets Samsung over Gear VR
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Having beaten Oculus

After beating Facebook-owned Oculus in a $500 million patent dispute earlier this year, games outfit ZeniMax is now going after Samsung.

Orange sued over fibre optic network coverage
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Rival wanted a bigger share

French telecom operator Orange has revealed that the rival roast beef-eating telecom group SFR was suing it.

Japanese government tells Western Digital and Toshiba to lower blades
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Catastrophic fight between allies dishonourable 

Japan's government has written a stiff note to Toshiba and partner Western Digital to tell them to stop fighting and co-operate.

Flash will be the storage of choice
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Claims NAND controller developer

Flash memory based solid state storage devices (SSD) are pushing hard disk drives out of the market and will replace them, according to the president of NAND controller developer Silicon Motion.

MP3 is dead
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15 May 2017

MP3 is dead

Creators refuse to licence it

The MP3 digital audio coding format has now been officially confirmed as dead by its inventors.